Characterized by its ultra-flat design, the SOLO uses the advanced LLT© technology with one LED offering spectacular opportunities to designers in terms of conception. The result is an ideal tail light for urban cyclists combining a flat design and a very bright and blazing light beam.

Ultra-flat design
The size of the SOLO is unique (only 98x36x15mm for the dynamo version) making it the most compact carrier rearlight on the market. Its neat square shape suits perfectly all styles of carriers, and it features a clever mounting system easy to adjust to 50 and 80mm carrier mounts depending on the version: the battery versions have removable clipped bolts and the dynamo versions present movable mounting screws. The SOLO does not merely serve aesthetic purposes.

Increased safety
There’s little room for mistakes when it comes to riding safely and securely at night when you have the SOLO. Its tight proportions small volume allows it to be more integrated into the carriers and on the bikes, and thus tend to make it less vulnerable to shocks. Apart from being a robust rearlight, the SOLO is mainly outstanding for its performance. Its lighting system provides the necessary source of road illumination from the rear and also from the sides, increasing visibility all around the bike and therefore its safety.